McSweeney- Competitive-Ready

Make your Canadian Community CompetitiveReady!

Companies select communities, not just a site.

Is your Canadian community "CompetitiveReady" - ready to compete as a whole community, not just the economic development office?  Now there is a way to find out.  Community readiness can now be measured and certified with the "CompetitiveReady Seal®". The Seal is a third-party validation of a community's readiness for business, and sends a clear signal to global site selection professionals.

To become certified, a community must pass a screening based upon a comprehensive set of stringent criteria utilized by site selectors. The CompetitiveReady Scorecard® provides an objective measurement of competitiveness, based on the standards of a most demanding audience: site selectors. The 210 criteria that are audited fall into 12 categories—global positioning, real estate, physical infrastructure, human capital, organizational effectiveness, business climate, business resources, living environment, mitigated risks, sustainable practices, RFI response evaluation, and site visit evaluation.

The CompetitiveReady approach combines the corporate site selection and economic development worlds to provide precise community assessments and clear strategies for moving your community forward. The process provides a "real world” view from your potential site selection audience. Recommendations are offered for low-scoring factors – however a passing score must be obtained on all scorecards to obtain the Seal. 

We congratulate the Town of Ajax - the first community in Canada to achieve this milestone. We are pleased to have been a part of the "Canadianization" of measures used in the CompetitiveReady Seal® process in Ajax.

For more information on this process, contact Eric McSweeney today.