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Current & Accurate Data: Foundation of all Economic Development

Potential investors and site selectors demand up to date (current year) community and/or regional data when conducting due diligence on potential investment sites. The best way to accommodate this is to use professionally prepared reliable data estimates and projections.

McSweeney & Associates is a licensed reseller of Manifold Data Mining Inc., one of Canada's leading data mining companies. McSweeney & Associates can provide you with data and a license to suit your needs, whether the data is going on your website or to be used in reports.

Manifold Data Mining, Canada's data specialist:

  • Data is their only business, and their reputation and repeat business depends on it. Since 2001, Manifold has been providing the most granular geo-demographic, household spending, consumer purchase behaviour and lifestyle data to the Canadian businesses and institutions - for example, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation (InvestInOntario's Site Selection tool), Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

Depth of Data Mining:

Manifold uses the following key sources of data, along with other sources for verification:

  • Statistics Canada
    • Census (every 5 years)
    • Business Patterns (every 2 years)
    • Survey of Household Spending (annually)
    • Building Permits Survey (monthly)
    • Labour Force Survey (monthly)
    • Survey of Financial Security, Cash Flows and Investment
  • Health Canada & Regional Health Ministries
    • Death/Birth Statistics (annually)
  • Real Estate Boards
    • Reports on Can. Housing Markets (monthly)
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada
    • Immigration Statistics (quarterly)
  • Bank of Canada & Canadian Bankers Association
    • Canadian Financial Statistics (on-going)

All of these sources (and more) allow Manifold to accurately model the changes on an on-going basis.

Scope of data variables: Are you getting all you need?

  • Manifold data sets available through McSweeney& Associates are custom prepared to ensure you getting all the data you need for economic development and site selection purposes - 2,197 data variables!

Unsurpassed Data Master Qualifications:

Zhen Mei (Ph.D. in Mathematics with over 50 scientific publications and two books): Leader of a team of mathematicians and statisticians with Masters and Ph.D. degrees. His team has created the most predictive micro-marketing database and offers custom data analytical services to Canadian businesses, government agencies and municipalities. In cooperation with Canadian and German universities, his team has developed unique data mining and data fusion techniques that empower marketers with precise demographics, household expenditure pattern, consumer behavior, attitude and lifestyle micro-marketing databases, with over 10,000 variables at the 6-digit postal code level. These databases have been validated by various third party vendors and used in the retail, packaged goods, food, insurance, financial, pharmaceutical and telecommunication industries, government agencies, municipalities, academic and health care institutions and not for profit organizations.


Manifold uses a forecasting model that incorporates the cohort-survival method and Canadian multi-cultural settlement patterns and uses both historical data and a significant variety of other trusted data sources collected regularly. In addition to re-sampling techniques of surveys and Census data, they apply and enhance a broad base of data mining technologies, including:

  • Correlation Analysis
  • Variable clustering
  • Principal component analysis
  • Factor analysis
  • Discriminate analysis
  • Regression analysis
  • Feature selection with clustering techniques.

Contact us today to obtain a complementary sample spreadsheet of Manifold Data to see the richness of data you could be taking advantage of today. Or learn more about how we can arrange to display Manifold and other data on your website with our EDTools® Data & Profile Report Generator.