McSweeney- Economic Development Websites

EDTools® Site Selector Tuned Economic Development Web

Our decades of economic development experience give us critical insights into the continuously evolving preferences of target audiences and site selectors. Your web site will provide them with quick, easy access to the content they want. Meanwhile, our focus on the municipal economic development sector helps us anticipate emerging trends. Through our ongoing support, we work with you to ensure your web site keeps pace.

The application underlying site selector tuned web sites is an easy-to-use operating system through which you can securely manage site content, layout and features from any web browser anywhere in the world. It offers:

  • Fast site development with no software to install, to save you time and costs
  • A single, straightforward interface, to save time and effort during updates
  • Multi-level, multi-user access, to distribute update tasks
  • A wide range of help options, to minimize the need for technical help
  • Integration of some of the industry's most advanced tools to keep site selectors coming back for more