McSweeney- EDTools® Data and Profile Report Generator

EDTools® Data & Profile Report Generator

This application presents current community data that is of immediate use to site selectors - rewarding their visits to your site and prompting them to return. With this application:

  • Site data is current due to automatic application updates
  • Site data is accurate, as supplied by a recognized data mining company
  • Extensive demographic data is up-to-date, thanks to annual updates
  • Site selectors quickly find what they want, since data categories reflect their needs
  • You save time and effort (therefore cost) because the application runs without much intervention or work - therefore your site is always up to date
  • Your reports are more useful, because site selectors can download data to a PDF file or to an Excel® file, the preferred site selector format
  • NEW! Download all the data in the database with one click into a multi-tab Excel® file

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Sample Downloadable Reports

Link to sample Excel report from Business Aurora

Link to sample PDF report from Business Aurora