McSweeney- How We Work

How we work

Results Oriented

McSweeney & Associates works hard to deliver effective community economic development programs.

We begin with questions suited to a wide range of community stakeholders. The answers, plus statistical data, feed analysis. This, in turn, informs strategies and tactics that respond to a community's specific economic development challenges.

During a project, we listen carefully and respectfully. We keep our promises, and convey our findings directly and clearly. In our work, we aim to meet the highest standards. In our projects, we lead?and we accept the responsibilities of leadership.

Our mission, vision and values guide our work.

Work Process

All our staff are prepared to assist clients. Project initiation and update meetings keep our staff and consultants fully informed about project status. When you call with a question, we are ready to respond.

We use proven processes and established procedures. These keep projects on track, help us deliver consistent, high-quality service, and help ensure we cover all the bases as we develop your customized solution.

To better serve our clients, we:

  • Seek and deploy new technologies, and assess and employ innovative insights
  • Engage in continuous process improvement and internal service delivery reviews
  • Offer high-level, post-contract support
  • Test client satisfaction using surveys and third-party validation services

Client Benefits

Our clients tell us our work:

  • Helps them understand their communities' competitive advantages
  • Supports them with complete, accurate and current data
  • Teaches them how to prepare a winning response to an inquiry
  • Instils and strengthens Council and community support
  • Helps them reach for successes, through an effective Action Plan
  • Helps them obtain funding
  • Focuses community stakeholders on the factors and issues that really matter
  • Filters queries, so that they respond to only qualified leads
  • Generates a stream of qualified inquiries
  • Helps them land new investment