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Western Nova Scotia Becoming Investment Ready

Nova Scotia’s Western Regional Enterprise Network (REN) recently engaged McSweeney & Associates to assist the organization and its economic development and municipal partners to become more investment ready. 

As a first step, on Thursday, November 26th, the Western REN hosted a training seminar by McSweeney & Associates’ Director of Economic Development Consulting, Ian Duff, for all its municipal and economic partners to learn about “Investment Readiness”. It was an informative day, with lots of self-analysis, and good discussion.

The Western REN is serious about keeping investment interest in the region, and having agreement amongst municipal partners on how to best prepare for and handle potential investors. The organization understands that Investment Readiness is about more than just the protocol – more than just the data and information – it is also about the relationships and building an investment response team. A win for the Western Region is a win for all municipal partners – and a win for Nova Scotia!

McSweeney & Associates is Canada’s recognized leading expert on investment readiness for economic development organizations, and has developed a comprehensive program of Investment Readiness training and assessment.