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McSweeney Prepares EDOs to Meet the Dragons

EDCO working with the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and the Ontario East Economic Development Commission, sponsored two workshops: November 23 in Kingston, and November 24 in Toronto.  

Eric McSweeney of McSweeney & Associates led the highly interactive workshops to help participants better define your tourism related business investment opportunities, to build a compelling investment prospectus, and to prepare and practice a pitch to interested investors and developers.  

The workshops prepared participants for success in meeting ten key real estate and tourism investor “dragons” in Toronto on December 15, 2015.

Workshop feedback was very positive, with comments such as:
“I think that this was an absolutely fantastic session and think that all municipalities should participate. Make the focus on preparing your pitch even if you do not plan on attending the actual scheduled day to pitch to actual dragons. You could also make it more generic - any land or building, it does not have to be tourism focused”.