McSweeney- Our Approach

Our approach


Solutions begin with understanding. That's why McSweeney & Associates' first steps involve thorough, in-depth analysis of your local economy.

You can expect this analysis to reveal economic development challenges you share with other communities. But you can also expect insight into challenges that are uniquely yours.

Knowledge of your unique situation helps us tailor project processes and find solutions that work.


McSweeney & Associates offers:

  • Thorough knowledge of economic development, to help uncover your real challenges
  • Years of economic development experience, to help pinpoint the right solutions
  • Effective interpersonal, listening and leadership skills, to derive maximum value from stakeholder contributions
  • Extensive use of web-based tools for collaboration and meetings, to hold the line on consultation costs
  • A straightforward approach, to help you understand and act on recommendations
  • Access to strategic collaborators whose offerings extend those of McSweeney & Associates


  • McSweeney & Associates' services include processes and tools to prepare for, and attract, investment
  • Effective community economic development and tourism strategies
  • Focused target sector development strategies, for industries such as renewable energy
  • Persuasive marketing collateral
  • EDTools® web-based applications, including an on-line database and report generator, to improve lead generation and handling