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Eric McSweeney, BA, EcD(F), CCIM, ALC, CMCEric is an Economic Development and Management Consultant whose skills, practical guidance and results-oriented approach have helped municipal clients in Canada and Europe develop innovative economic development solutions. He has coordinated or lectured at University of Waterloo economic development program seminars on planning, property development and the local economy. He is a trained facilitator and a trainer in economic development, process facilitation and strategic economic planning. Read more about Eric McSweeney.
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  Ian Duff, B.S.Sc., M.U.R.P.Ian, Vice-President of Consulting, has worked in the public and private sectors developing specialized skills in urban and rural economic development, land use planning, public private partnerships, corporate marketing and government service delivery. He has prepared community and economic development strategies for rural communities in Southern Ontario and Northern Ontario. Ian holds Bachelor of Social Science and Master of Urban and Rural Planning degrees. Originally from Pembroke, in the Ottawa Valley, Ian has a strong connection with rural Ontario and an excellent grasp of current rural issues and challenges. An avid skiier and water sports enthusiast, he lives in Ottawa with his wife and three children.
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Photo of Juliana Serje Juliana Serje, B.A. (Hons.), MSc. Juliana, Data, Information and Communications Specialist, has academic research experience in economics analysis as well as professional experience with microeconomic analysis and statistics. Juliana’s area of expertise for the firm includes the analysis and presentation of data, trends, industry sector information, economic programs and socio-economic material. With a background and experience in economic research and analysis, she is responsible for developing, coordinating and implementing all research aspects of our consulting assignments. Juliana holds a Baccalaureate of Arts in Economics and a MSc. in Economics. Having a passion for sports, Juliana enjoys swimming, soccer, biking and snowboarding. Originally from Colombia, she also enjoys the local culture, dining and outdoor activities that Ottawa has to offer. 
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  Monique Richardson, B.A. (Hons.) Monique joined the company in June 2008 and performs a wide range of tasks, including proposal management, report preparation and website administration. She also oversees the general functioning of the office and supports day-to-day operations. Monique holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) degree in Communications from the University of Ottawa. In her spare time, she enjoys pilates and tennis, has a passion for cooking, tinkers in her garden and spends time with her family.
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Photo of Shawna Lawson Shawna Lawson, B. Comm, MSc (Planning), EcDShawna brings over 25 years of economic and business development experience in Alberta, Ontario and overseas (UK and Southeast Asia). She has a proven track record of bringing public and private sector interests together for successful results and project management of complex projects involving several, often conflicting, stakeholders. Over the past few years, Shawna has worked with several struggling small-sized communities to diversify their economy and downtowns as well as develop their image, all while building their internal capacity to carry on development on their own – using tools such as BR+E, Downtown Revitalization, Investment Attraction and data-based strategic planning.  
Art Lawson, BSc, MSc, EcDWhile with the government of Ontario, Art pioneered the development and implementation of a number of economic development tools for communities, including BR+E, Downtown Revitalization and Economic Analysis.  He also brings a great depth of experience in evidence-based planning - a formula of ‘reality meets aspiration’ for planning and enabling successful implementation of initiatives for businesses and communities. Art has served as the General Manager of the South Central Ontario Economic Development (SCOR) Corporation (former tobacco region) with a focus on economic diversification, capacity building, foreign investment attraction and is in the process of establishing SCOR as an official Foreign Trade Zone.