McSweeney- Who We Work With

Who we work with

Our Clients

McSweeney & Associates' clients are serious, time-challenged, economic development officers and managers at work in municipal offices and other organizations. They recognize that economic development success doesn't come overnight - that it takes desire, effort and teamwork.

Our Clients' Challenges

Our clients come to us with one or more of many challenges. They may tell us they:

  • Want to learn more about economic development
  • Are having trouble getting started in economic development
  • Lack the local buy-in or understanding needed for project success
  • Are unsure about their community's ability to attract investment
  • Need some help with a funding application
  • Require an economic development strategy or a tourism strategy that focuses scarce resources
  • Lack a good marketing plan and persuasive marketing collateral, including an effective web site
  • Need visibility on the radar screens of site selectors and investors who seek new locations
  • Want to identify, develop and market target sectors

How We Work

Before we begin to devise our approach to challenges like these, we like to establish common ground. We do this by seeking information and describing how we work.