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Art Lawson - BSc, MSc, EcD

Art Lawson   BA, EcD(F), CCIM, ALC, CMC

I’m curious by nature and seek to understand how things work. Early in my career I worked in business management – helping individual businesses make critical decisions using a combination of the best available information combined with the preferences of the business owners. My interest in businesses lead me to look at businesses in the context of a community or region and the dynamics among both businesses and the communities or regions in which they operate.

I’m happiest in the natural environment – observing the interactions between the land, water and climate how these factors influence the plants, animals and people who live in that environment. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work and travel and marvel at the similarities and differences from one environment to the next and the impacts on human development.

I believe that the foundation of human existence is built upon stewardship of the environment – including the economy and opportunities for families to enjoy meaningful and profitable employment.