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Who We Are
Juliana Serje - B.A. (Hons.), MSc.

Juliana Serje   BA (Hons.), MSc., Director of Research & Innovation

I have a fondness for numbers because they can help in defining or classifying the systems occurring all around us–if it exists, it can be measured.  I am a trained economist with an analytical mind and a sharp wit. As Senior Economic Analyst, I bring a different perspective to each and every community I work with and am able to extract unique results through the quantitative research I undertake. I am inquisitive and have an interest in lots of stuff…. health, politics, the environment, social justice issues and community and economic development, but have a passion for workforce and skills development. 

I am a soccer junkie, but also loves all sports – literally all sports! When I’m not crunching numbers, researching, and delivering detailed analyses of local communities, you will find me outdoors - playing, camping, hanging out with my dog or elevating my taste buds by experiencing the local cuisine where I live or in places that I visit.